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How to order

How to Order Custom Felted Artwork

I'm doing custom sweater commissions! Fill out the form below or send me an email at with a description, some inspiration images or a drawing and I'll give you a quote! Some approximate quotes are below.

 I also do custom wool paintings, sculptures and pet portraits. I love being commissioned to make huge or complicated things that you're not even sure if it's possible to make. Check out the gallery for some examples of my work.


For simple requests, wait time is normally 1-2 weeks. For complicated requests, wait time is normally 1-2 months. 

I also have some ready made work available in the Boutique. 

I'm currently in Upstate New York, but I also regularly visit Canada. 

Custom Artwork Request 

FOR WEARABLE ART: a description of the design you'd like on your sweater/jacket; what the material is and about how many holes there are, or if you'd like me to thrift you a sweater.

FOR ALL OTHER CUSTOM WORK: Describe what sculpture/flat work you're interested in with as much detail as possible. 

PRICING: Let me know if you're looking for something: simple and budget friendly; moderately complex; or complicated and detailed customization. Approximate pricing list below is for moderately complex pieces.

Thank you! 

Thank you!


Approximate Pricing 

These are only approximate ranges, some requests may be more complicated than what this pricing represents and therefore more costly. 


Wearable art: $250+ for custom sweaters. $500+ for custom jean jackets. 

Jewelry: Earrings-$35-$60+

Fiber paintings: Landscapes-8"x10" $250 

Pet portraits: 8"x10" $300 + $50 for each additionnel pet in the same picture. Details below.

Bird ornaments: Hanging-$70+ With wire legs $100+

Large sculptures: $600+

Small sculptures: $50+


Pet portrait pricing details 

Small Sculptures- 5"-8" tall

$250 for a sitting or lying down cat or dog. Simple accessories included. 

$300 for a standing or play bow or sitting up etc. cat or dog. Wire armature included. Simple accessories included. 

$350 for horses. 

All sitting or lying down sculptures can be weighted at no additonal fee. Standing sculptures can be weighted for an additional fee.

+ $30 for tabby and tortiseshell cats, long hair, spotted coats or similar, etc. 

+ $20 for three-five colour coat patterns

+ $50 for open mouth holding a toy

•Additional price for complicated accessories quoted upon request. 

(sweaters, sports jerseys, saddles, etc.)

Large Sculptures- about dachshund sized

Even larger sculptures are possible.  Please contact for pricing. 

$500 for a sitting or lying down pet. 

$600 for a standing pet. 

Weighted sculptures possible for sitting or lying down animals.

Accessories and complicated coat patterns quoted upon request. 

Fiber Paintings- 8"x10"

$300 for one pet

+$50 for each additional pet in the same picture. 

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