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How to order

How to Order Custom Felted Artwork

I'm doing custom sweater commissions!! Fill out the form below or send me an email at with a description, some inspiration images or a drawing and I'll give you a quote!

 I also do custom wool paintings, sculptures and pet portraits. I love being commissioned to make huge or complicated things that you're not even sure if it's possible to make! My favourite commission so far has been a life size bust with glass eyes.


Currently, my commissions list is booked out until mid to late June. 

I also have some ready made work available in the Boutique. 

I'm currently in Upstate New York, but I also regularly visit Canada. 

Custom Wearable Art Request 

Please include the following information in your request: a description of the design you'd like on your sweater/jacket; what the material is; about how many holes there, are or if you'd like me to thrift you a sweater; and what state/province you're located in.

Thank you!


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